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Fnar/Bar Extended Charging Handle Gen4



NOTICE: It has come to our attention that charging handles shipped between 2023-04-10 and 2023-04-28 have some dimensional errors and may not fit during assembly. If you have a charging handle from this time period and are experiencing issues, please contact us.


Exclusive extended charging handle  for the FNAR and Browning Bar from Infitech Sweden.

Manufactured to withstand rigorous tolerances and help deliver quality and guaranteed performance

This handle will make the performance of your FNAR, Browning Bar MK2, MK3 or Bar Match even better and more efficient.

You use the parts inside your original knob on this Tactical Knob.


Gen4 has increased clearance for the wider Mk3 receiver.


Material:  SS2541 steel.

Finish: Black oxide


Notice: Always check for proper clearence after installation.

Sorry - this product is currently not avaiable for purchase.

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