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Muzzle adaptor for Ruger 1022 steel M14x1 -Black

If you have a Ruger 1022 in  calibre 22 l.r. and want to install a muzzlebrake without threading the barrel, we’ve got the solution for you.

You don’t necessarily need installing a muzzlebrake just because of the recoil, though it’s perfect if you wish a more harmonious appearance.

The thread is: M14x1

You can keep the front sight.

You skewer the nipple/adaptor over the barrel and then lock it using two countersunk screws at the bottom.

Material: SS2172
Finish: Black
Thread: M14x1

Very important: Make sure that the bore of your Ruger 1022 barrel is centred.


NOTICE: We have recently found that newly produced 1022 barrels have a slightly different contour around the front sight as compared to the previous models, causing our adapters to need minor fitting before they can be used.

We don't know exactly when this change happened, and are working on implementing the necessary changes to future production.


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